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Such blade would do fine for concepts and promo-art, plus - would do nicely in some of hack'n'slash games, where no one cares about actual realism or even allusion on things to be possible at least in some way.
Though even looking quite unusual and unpleasantly-dangerous (reminds a creepy scalpel...), this one also reminds... a scale. One with mm and inches mark on it. No matter how good is the idea - first visual impression might be -critical- for future product, be it a movie, a game, a comix or anything else.
When one gets a feedback on a character with "deadly scythe" - is is fine, yet a character with "deadly scale ruler"... might be specific.

-In it's structure, this blade is weak. Explanations about being made from "unobtanium and fantasteel alloy" are possible, yet might be a cliche.

-Its guard is useless, due to any glancing blow will proceed further - and meet one's body way likely, that common "cross guard".

-Due to specific curve and proportions, this one might be way more difficult to hold.

- Its knuckle guard is a protractor scale... Especially with several lines and writings on it.

- Will become a curse cleaning it every time with all those holes and joints...

BUT, this blade cam easily become a way better result, if re-made into a complicated structure - for example, a segmented blade, transformable into a whip-like weapon. Cyberpunk and sci-fi settings could easily benefit from such concept - and overall silhouette of this blade matches such construction perfectly.
To achieve that, one should attend to re-shaping back line of the blade, turning it from "metal plate with screws" into joints between segments.
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peterku Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
Hi.yea it is meant for pc game not real world. I know it could be be ardly using in reality. But if you look to my gallery some of concepts are even more crazy then this one. I think to make it more real I would trim the fat to loose weight significantly. turn bending in opposit direction and instead of that blade below grip I would use some kind of grip extension. (becouse this setup will be always quite heavy.....) 
Kredri Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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